Big News – We’re Moving!

You read that right. It’s time to celebrate!

We’re growing again which means we had to find a new home that would accommodate our smart growth in addition to allowing us to remain true to our ways of work.

We will announce the specifics soon but for now, know that we have found our next home in the EDGE district downtown!

We will have our own outdoor space, we are now able to enroll K-12, and we are simply getting closer to so many businesses and professionals who have welcomed us with open arms already.

Originally, we planned to use this post as a means to share and ask for support. Because as anyone knows, moving and growing brings about additional expenses and as entirely bootstrapped non-profit attempting to make this type of education accessible for as many families as we can, every penny counts.

However, while attempting to pull some of our original photos from our first year’s space just three years ago, I have to take this blog in an entirely different direction.

What smacked me in the face immediately was an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. We have come so far in such a short time Indi-ED.

Yes there were photos of our kids and families painting and preparing our first space for our launch year. But what cannot be missed is the absolutely beautiful growth that has transpired within our kids in three short school years.


Families who were willing to make a jump into something that they agreed with and knew that their kids needed philosophically, but didn’t have a concrete example of, who three years later watched their son stand on stage and hold his own to win an adult pitch competition.


Families who value human connection, helping others rise, and being a part of their kids lives and education, have been able to be alongside for the ride the entire way. Shifting and changing as necessary.


Families who are genuinely kind and supportive to the core and who want to see their child rise to their highest potential, are watching it happen with a village of other like-minded people.


And it’s not just within our “OG” (aka original) veteran families. It happens with every “rookie” student/family who joins as well.

Kids who were initially nervous to speak in front of a crowd, are supported by their classmates and their families and were able to commit to a stretch goal and crush a 20 min. stand up comedy set.


Kids who may not have seen a relevancy in their learning, now see how they can own their learning and how our values can apply to the rest of their lives.


Kids who were labeled as “shy” have found their voice.

And so it continues.

So while the new space is exciting, what we do, what we offer-can happen anywhere. One, because we value learning through experiences. By getting out kids out into the world.


More importantly, it’s about the way we treat one another. The values we share. The work we ALL put in-TOGETHER.

Moral of the story and what our families understand – we want our students and families to be comfortable when they enter and spend time learning with us. But SO much of what we do happens out in the real world. In our community. Because of all of you reading this. Rooting for us. And rooting for our continued success.

So first, gratitude. Always in gratitude.

Indi-ED families, thank you for seeing the vision.

To our community, thank you for taking us in and for supporting OUR kids.

If you’re someone who’s interested in ensuring our continued success, please feel free to donate here.

We’re in it for the long haul. Through the first space, this space, and beyond.


Endless gratitude,

Christine & The Indi-ED Family

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    You are one of those people making the world a better place and starting with the pureness of our own humanity, our children. God Bless you in all your journeys through life!

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