Math with Mrs. Morrison

The first few weeks with our new students in math almost always seem to begin with establishing confidence and new mentalities. 

It’s tough to hear kids’ perceptions and attitudes about math as a whole and more specifically their abilities around it.

So we begin with working hard to learn and reinforce the foundational math we need and can then get into the more creative applications.


This year, to support our engineering and ecology units, our upper level math classes have been tasked with a project to design animal habitats.

In addition to working with algebraic expressions, equations, variables, and expressions, they are learning to use scale factors and incorporating creativity.

As the level of mathematics increases, it gets a little more complicated to integrate content. It is, however, still entirely possible to operate from a project based application lens.


With each new perspective, we hope to continue down the road of enthusiasm towards what math can offer and how our students view it. It’s tough to not get there with Mrs. Morrison leading the charge.