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Re-imagining School For the 21st Century

Passion-Driven - Self-Paced - Real-Life Experiences

Our Mission

To design strategic educational opportunities that connect to the real world so that our students become energized about learning.

We tailor the experiences to our students’ interests and abilities, and collaborate with the community so that our students will be supported academically and socially.

  • Rooted in Character Development
  • Communicate & Present Ideas
  • Access to Experts
  • Connect Learning to Real Life
  • Desire to Learn Continuously
  • Resourcefulness & Problem Solving
Open Learning Environment

Promotes collaboration and acknowledges that students learn differently and allows for choice depending on learning activity and students’ needs.

Multi-Aged Cohorts

Opportunity to cooperate, develop empathy, learn, and progress based on students’ abilities. The flexibility reinforces the idea that we are all consistently growing and improving.

Low Teacher to Student Ratio

Allows for the teacher to genuinely support each learner and constantly differentiate and adjust so that the learning process never stops and ensures that their needs are being met.

Experience the Real World

Unlimited access to information and experts! Real world connections provide relevance. Practice real world skills like resourcefulness, problem solving, and the ability to adapt.

Interest-Based Learning Cycle

Interest drives curiosity and enthusiasm. Students are empowered by ‘doing’ while practicing real world social skills.

Focus on Character & Healthy Living

Focusing on the whole child helps develop strengths and weaknesses, abilities and gifts while engaging mind and body.

A Real Education for the Real World

Tap into Your Child's Limitless Potential


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