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Re-imagining School For the 21st Century

Character Development

To prepare our students to lead, we focus on honoring the whole child and healthy living. We develop strengths and weaknesses, resourcefulness and problem solving, and their abilities to reflect and adapt so that they will be equipped to take on any role they choose

Experiential Learning

With small, multi-aged cohorts, teachers can differentiate for each child. Project based learning encourages learning “by doing,” student led inquiry cycles allow student voice and choice, and connecting everything to experiences in the real world allows them to practice real world skills.

Caring Community

Our open learning environment promotes collaboration. Our teachers and families are on the same team and have the same goal – empowering our children. When empathy and support are modeled, we can all focus on growing and improving. And dare we say, we even enjoy our time together.

A Real Education for the Real World

Tap into Your Child's Limitless Potential


Admission Process October - April



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