Individualized + Education = Indi-ED

Our Mission

Indi-ED is committed to re-imagining school. We know that children are beautifully unique individuals and we choose to embrace those differences.

We believe that children are capable of much more than is available through traditional schooling methods and that the real skills that they will need for their futures are restricted in that system.

We have seen what can happen when students know that they have a network of people who believe in, support, and care for them and are committed to excellence in all areas of their lives.

  • The mission of Indi-ED is to design strategic educational opportunities that connect to the real world so that our students become energized about learning.
  • We tailor the experiences to our students’ interests and abilities, and collaborate with the community so that our students will be supported academically and socially.
  • Our students learn to be accountable for their own learning by becoming a part of the learning process. Together, they create, experience, and connect in order to learn more about themselves, the world that they live in, and achieve their fullest potential.


The Big Picture

School Reimagined

We are embarking on a Revolutionary Era and Indi-ED is committed to re-imagining the idea of school.

Our founder, Christine Laurenzi was invited to speak at a TEDx event about how our education system should emerge in order to address our children’s beautiful uniqueness.

We invite you to watch with an open mind and gain a brief understanding of how a portion of our days are spent.

Meet the Indi-ED Team!

About Us

Indi-ED tiers our learning experiences to meet the needs of each child. We balance core curriculum that can be learned at their own pace, with character development that builds their self-awareness and confidence, while guiding our students to enjoy and take ownership of their education.

Students are aligned into cohorts of approximately 12-14 ‘like-minded’ students per teacher. We then balance the best practices of a variety of teaching methods as a guide while incorporating the student’s interests and abilities. We also align the curriculum to real world experiences and connect to professionals in the community who share their real world skills and allow our children to expand their mind beyond the regular learning environment. The exposures provide opportunities to learn about a wide variety of subjects, in a more relevant, accelerated, or individualized manner.