Enrolling for the 2024-25 School Year

October - April

If our philosophy and approach resonate with you and your family, we encourage you to contact us to schedule an introductory, discovery session beginning in October.
If our philosophies align, we will schedule a Shadow Day and continue moving through the process.
Enrollment ends in April so that we can align the cohorts and spend the summer designing the curriculum around your student.


Admission Process


We are happy to answer.
2023-24 TUITION $ 13,000

per year per student

Tuition Details

  • Full-time enrollment is 4 days a week
  • Full-time enrollment is Monday-Thursday
  • 10 monthly, quarterly, or annual payment options
  • 10% sibling discount for 2nd child
  • 15% sibling discount for 3rd child

Re-imagining Tuition

When schools charge a higher tuition for older aged students, they are projecting that the older students require more work or resources, or that their teachers are being paid more. In fact, neither are true. Different aged students require different types of work but all of our students have access to the resources that they need and all of our teachers work equally as hard.


Our end goal is to have Indi-ED fully funded so that all children can have the opportunity to learn in this manner.

We are currently seeking community partnerships to secure funding for tuition assistance.

So that we do not jeopardize our ways of work, we do not accept state scholarships. We encourage families to have the funds disbursed to them directly.

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