This IS Indi-ED

It’s only been 4 days with our students and when I’m asked how it’s going the only thing I can say that even comes remotely close is MAGICAL.

From the very first day our kids articulated excitement. Yes, kids, themselves-on their first day of school, wrote about and answered interview questions that communicated not only excitement for the differences that they already felt, but also a gratefulness of the understanding of the situation that they’re lucky enough to be in.

You can feel the sense of ease in our space. You can hear the genuine laughter and friendly engagement. And as teachers, we can see that we’re actually reaching the needs of our students-already!

There are literally too many magical moments for me to share in one blog post and some that are private and special enough to only share with our families, so with respect for our students privacy, I decided to share some of our magical moments from this week in photos.

Peacefully working how it works best for them. Sitting & standing desks respectively with classical music in the background.

Learning how to celebrate each others accomplishments.

Enjoying nature, practicing healthy habits and forming relationships.

Learning Together. Age is just a number.

Families supporting and sharing with ALL of our students.

Respecting each other and being responsible for OUR space

Having FUN while LEARNING!!!

(The last one is an outtake from our Parent Night but seemed to fit the theme.. Can anyone name that show?)