Experiences = Learning

Riley & Reece took their opportunity to digest the big idea that experiences do indeed equal learning.

This is a large component of how and why we operate the way we do.

To clarify, our students are lucky to get to learn from intentional experiences that are planned by their teachers and sometimes even themselves, that align to the curriculum that they’re learning.

But they are also lucky to reap the benefits that come as a result of the unforeseen opportunities that present when you consistently learn in the real world and allow students to take charge of their learning.

This video blog as a small example, sparked conversation about how to improve the videography elements from the week prior. But it also sparked a conversation that allowed them to digest and articulate ideas that we hadn’t even planned for.

Or take for example the play that Reece mentions. It was skillfully planned to tie into the Civil Rights and writing units that they were learning about. But they didn’t anticipate being able to expand upon how words can play a different role and portray different feelings when communicated via writing and onstage.

We’re grateful to have the time to allow our students to take advantage of a variety of ways of learning. Learning through real experiences just happens to be one of our favorites.