Real Life Fun & Excitement-Just Setting the Stage

Saturday was our 1st Indi-ED Charity Scavenger Hunt and it was a huge success! I can’t speak for everyone, but for me, it was kind of a blur. The day was overwhelmingly fun and energetic, there was so much to take in, and it just went by so fast. Many Indi-ED students, families and other supporters were able to tour our school and get out into the community that our students will be learning in, all while raising funds for our students.

The space was buzzing with positive energy all day. You could FEEL the support.

It was truly breathtaking to see the students’ and families’ reactions to the school. Students’ jaws dropped when they saw THEIR ideas right in front of them.

Ideas like chalkboards focusing on ‘Positives’ and ‘Problems to Solve’ in our bright green (“lime rickey”  to be exact) kitchen area, and ideas like a variety of comfy chairs to sit in while they study and learn. Students and families were in awe when they saw desks, chairs, and bookshelves that THEY painted and that THEY will use on a daily basis.

Parents were touched when they saw THEIR families’ pictures framed on the wall in our front Inspiration Room where we will start our days together each morning. Thanks Mrs. Laurenzi, for this sweet surprise. (Stay tuned for more pictures of and a video tour of the space coming later this week!)

Once everyone had the chance to fully check out our space, it was time for the actual scavenger hunt. All of the supporters (including myself and my parents) split up into teams, and took off around St. Pete to explore, and try to earn as many points as we could! I know I had to suppress my competitive side somewhat, and just try to take it all in as much as possible.

It was so much fun to see adults and children alike letting loose and being silly while completing the scavenger hunt tasks. They were also doing good deeds along the way and contributing to numerous local businesses that are supporting Indi-ED.

In the end, everyone had a blast and it was just another positive experience to add to the list … BEFORE the school year has even started!

I think it’s safe to say that we are all beyond excited for school to start, students included. This is not always the case, obviously. While it was exciting to show the families the space, I can’t wait to show them what happens when the learning takes off during our showcase evenings when students present what they’ve learned and the gallery walls are filled with THEIR work.

While speaking to our families and supporters yesterday, Mrs. Laurenzi told everyone that they were about to change her life forever. But what she may not know is that she changed mine. And I also think that ALL of our lives are about to change.