See for Yourself

What are your plans for Saturday? Whatever they are here’s one more thing you can add to the list.

After a month of ripping up carpet… painting… sanding… painting… designing… painting… hanging… painting… etc. (Did I mention painting?) We’re ready to have you come check out our space and have some fun while doing so.

This Saturday, July 23rd Indi-ED would like to invite you to participate in a scavenger hunt with our school serving as the first stop.

This will be a way for us to connect to the community that we will be learning IN as well as a fundraising event that will allow our students to show you where the magic will happen and to feel the support that has already been communicated to me in groves.

11:00am Registration

Check in, receive your t-shirt and raffle tickets, and let one of our students give you a mini-tour of our space.

11:30am Get Set, Go!

You’ll receive your list of clues and ways that you can earn points on your hunt. Strategize with your team (or not) and off you go!

2:00pm Check-In

All teams must report back to Indi-ED by 2:00pm with photos and items in hand. Refreshments will be served, points will be tallied, and good times can be shared.

2:30pm Prizes & Winners Announced

For more details check out the event page on our website: Indi-ED Scavenger Hunt.

We are an approved 501(c)3 so if you are unable to attend or would simply like to donate, you can do so at the above link.

If you plan on attending but haven’t already done so, please message me your t-shirt size so we can guarantee that you get one.

We look forward to welcoming you this Saturday but also look forward to having you back when the school year is underway so that you can see how we are learning in action!

Much love and thank you for the support!