A Beautiful 1st Week

As we begin our 2nd week of school, plenty of things stand out.

  1. The genuinely joyful attitude of our students, families, and teachers.
  2. Our ability to get right to work.
  3. Just how lucky we are.

Last week was our first official first week so of course we made time to get organized, review processes and procedures, and get to know each other a bit better. 

But also in our first four days our teachers helped our students establish personal goals, visions, and intentions for the year, tackled personal finance, discussed color theory, emotional connection, and setting and honoring boundaries. 

That seems near impossible and it’s not everything. 

In addition to our teachers’ creative lessons, our veteran students stepped up to teach values lessons on respect, gratitude, communication, focus, effort, perseverance, kindness, vulnerability, and integrity. All complete with slides, lecture, and a hands on activity. 

We’re genuinely joyful to return, get right to work, and our students take the lead from day one because we’ve all sunk in the effort to prepare and connect before we even made it to the first day.

Thank you to our teachers for providing the space for these types of lessons to unfold and to our parents who reinforce and emulate all of our values right alongside us. How lucky we all are.

Plenty more to come. But for now, we need to simply acknowledge what a beautiful first week it was.