Are You a Critic or Are You in the Arena?

This quote has been on my mind heavily the last few weeks. 

Not ironically because of the Tom Brady special that aired on ESPN yesterday. But because of the work we are doing and the people who are stepping up. 

I first read this quote in Brene Brown’s book, “Dare to Lead,” when our middle and high schoolers were reading it. It was the year the pandemic started and while it resonated when I read it, I had no idea how much it would stick with me as we moved forward in that year and beyond.

Its meaning is pretty clear. Walk the walk. Do the work. Or you don’t have room to talk. 

In the age of social media, because it’s easier to blame and not admit fault, because the way our brains are wired for safety, because we aren’t taught how to connect positively, and on and on – it is easier to look for faults, to have a negative lens, and to communicate in ways that are not helpful.

We try to teach our kids to give their best, about the value of having a positive mindset, how to look for ways to understand instead of judge, and to do things. 

And when they make mistakes to own them, to do better next time, to support others, and to make an impact. 

As our kids are about to take the stage in their final Showcase of the year, we are about to honor our graduates, and we look to make the future of Indi-ED even better – no matter the outcome, it is clear that we are in the arena.