Are You Lukewarm or on Fire?

We are in a moment of a lot of endings and a lot of new beginnings. 

We are wrapping our final unit. We are preparing for our final Showcase. We are transitioning to 4 days a week. We are pausing our high school cohort to make the best use of our current space. We are beginning to do some fundraising that we hope will have a positive impact on many more families in our area and setting our sights on all things post COVID.

Teachers, leaders, and parents seem to constantly be in this crux. They’re (hopefully) studying, analyzing, and thinking through every intricacy before making decisions and then making the moves to make it happen. Others depend on them to do so.

As we move into our final month of enrollment, our final week of accepting applications from teachers, and are setting the roots to make next year the best, I’ve been thinking a lot about the type of people who choose Indi-ED. 

Not only are there shared values. People who demonstrate compassion, innovation, collaboration, and so much more.

But so they are problem solvers and doers themselves. They aren’t the ones sitting around complaining about how our current education systems aren’t working, they are the ones actively seeking out ways to support us in doing so. They’re leading their own families. They’re solving problems in their own businesses or in our community.

They also possess a larger vision. Yes, they want a better educational experience for their child/children or selves (teachers), but they are also thinking through how their actions impact the greater whole. Our community, other families, and future generations. 

Problem solvers and doers are not lukewarm. They do not have one foot in and one foot out. They are on fire. They see it. They want it. They’re willing to step up and get things done. 

So if you’re a family or a teacher who is on fire, (aka: motivated, inspired, and willing to help us get things done together) you’ve got a few more days to reach out.

Those of you who are still lukewarm: planning, thinking, burned out – now’s not the time. We get it.  We respect that it’s a part of the process. But it’s not who we are or where we’re at.

If you’re ready, we’re here: